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Help Stop Militarism In Our Schools
The Preston Papers - From Re:Source Editor
Preston Sommes, Jr.

Make 2014 the Year of the Green City - Join EarthDay Network

Today, more than half of the world's population lives in cities. As the urban population grows and the effects of climate change worsen, our cities have to evolve. It's time for us to invest in efficiency and renewable energy, rebuild our cities and towns, and begin to solve the climate crisis. That's what the Green Cities campaign is all about.

Over the next two years Earth Day Network will mobilize a global movement to accelerate the transition to green cities. With your support, we will push government officials to improve energy efficiency, advance renewable energy, and implement green building practices. We will educate the public and transform our communities through on-the-ground projects. And we will advocate for healthy, green schools for our children.

The first step is ensuring that our communities are powered by renewable energy-not fossil fuels-and have clean air.
That's why we are calling on the UN to support an international ban on new coal power plants.

Visit the Green Cities website to learn more about the campaign and find other ways to participate.

Solar Power NOW!

The Earth Day Network has teamed up with solar provider Sungevity to incentivize supporters to transition their homes to clean energy. They've done this because they believe individual action can have a profound impact on our most pressing collective problem: climate change. Check their website or search Earth Day Network on line for more information. and read on for more information about their work. Here is the deal:

1.Custom solar panels get installed on your roof for FREE by a local contractor.

2.Sungevity gives you $750 because if saving the planet isn't reason

enough to make the switch, cold-hard-cash is!

3.Instead of paying lots of money to the power company, you pay

Sungevity to lease the solar panels. And it's usually CHEAPER than

what you pay for power now.

4.Maintenance of the panels is FREE.

5.Sungevity donates $750 to Earth Day Network on your behalf. This

money goes toward our campaigns to fight climate change.

That's it. It's good for the planet. It's good for Earth Day Network.

And you get peace of mind knowing your utility costs are going down

month by month even as rates rise. Oh, and you get $750!


GREEN JOBS - Get Ready for our Future

White House top economic adviser, made this point very clearly during his interview on Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN: "Some of the jobs that were lost aren't going to come back, but some of the jobs are going to come in new places," Summers said.

Globally, research from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has shown that a shift to a a low-carbon and sustainable economy can create millions of green jobs across many sectors of the economy. Similarly, the employment outlook from the US Department of Labor for job growth between 2008-2018 indicated a significant growth of green jobs this. Of course, this prediction is largely based on President Obama's pledge to invest $150 billion to create 5 million green jobs in the US over the next 10 years. The focus on green jobs is tremendously important not only to create jobs, but also to have a tremendous positive impact on our environment.

New Environmentalism - It Just Makes Dollars and Cents
When marketing giant such as Wal-Mart or an innovative technology company such as GE start to change, you know that change is universal. In fact, these are the views of non-profit organizations such as the GLOBE Foundation of Canada that promotes innovative approaches to addressing serious environmental challenges. The new wave of environmentalism recognizes the marketplace as an important mechanism for problem solving. Incentives for a healthier world lead consumers and some business leaders to respond accordingly. The argument is straight forward.-new environmentalism strikes a balance between punishment and incentives that encourage environmental innovation.
It's not a new argument but it is an important one. Traditional environmentalism has failed to appreciate the importance of incentives in guiding human action, whereas the New environmentalism focuses on individual decision-making that provides incentives for people to become good environmental stewards.
The New Environmental Movement
While this may sound Utopian, in fact here is growing evidence that this new environmental paradigm is being widely endorsed and has staying power. High energy prices have also helped defined the "ËÅ"new environmentalism' according to the study. Consumer interest in reducing energy related expenditures and increased attention to energy costs in general serve as an important catalyst for changing public opinion.
More information on the Harris/Decima research program on the New Environmentalism is available at
GLOBE-Net - the on-line Guide to the Business of the Environment - www.globe-net.com
YOU CAN GO GREEN - Join a Green Business Network!

Want to Launch a new business effort? In need of the education and training to start a business? In need of access to the capital to make it happen?

Entrepreneurs4Change, VAMBOA.org (Veteran and Military Business Owners Association), VEDC and the Green Economy Think Tank would like to invite you to participate in one of the free Entrepreneurial Workshop Orientations ? Launch Your Business. By attending this FREE introductory orientation, you will learn how you can get the education and access to capital you need to launch your business idea. This orientation is an introduction to our Creating Good Work

Entrepreneurial Workshops which will start later in January. Intro events are FREE. For more information and to RSVP, email: info@E4C.net

High Speed Rail - Are You On Board?

The Obama administration has given passenger rail the strongest federal push since the days of Abraham Lincoln in hopes of spurring job growth and keeping pace with a rising China. In early 2010, Washington allotted $8 billion in stimulus cash to fund 13 high-speed rail systems spread across 31 states, including projects in Florida, the Midwest, California, and the Northeast. "Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail," said President Obama during the 2011 State of the Union address.

America's current "high-speed" train, Amtrak's Acela Express, averages a mere 80 mph along its 16-station route from the District of Columbia to Boston. By comparison, France's TGV has an average speed of more than 150 mph, and China just built a train that can exceed 300 mph. An Acela trip from New York to Boston costs about $100 and clocks in around 3.5 hours?or just a tad quicker than the $15 buses that leave from Chinatown. As anyone who has traveled on Amtrak will tell you, the system is not known for punctuality, thus putting Amtrak in close competition with the independent bus lines.

How To Build A Better Lightbulb

When changing out incandescent light bulbs for energy efficiency, there are usually two options, CFL and LED. However, the start up company Vu1 is adding another light bulb option (not to mention acronym) to the mix, the Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) bulb. The Vu1 ESL innovation re-purposes technology from our tried and true friend, the cathode ray tube (CRT) television. ESL uses accelerated electrons to stimulate phosphor and create light, thus making the bulb surface glow. For the most part, the ESL bulbs are made of recyclable material, namely the plastic and the glass. But like many electronic devices today, the semi-conductors and electronic components are not as easily recyclable. The good news is that unlike CFL's, we do not have to worry about heavy metals such as mercury with the ESL.

The ESL technology has also been nominated for a 2011 Edison Best New Product Award. It will be judged along side other nominees on several criteria including societal impact, marketplace innovation, and technological innovation.

Thinking Global Yet?

Taking A Look At How Wind Works - That Works for Me and You!

Large wind farms are being built around the world as a cleaner way to generate electricity, but operators are still searching for the most efficient way to arrange the massive turbines that turn moving air into power. To help steer wind farm owners in the right direction, Charles Meneveau, a Johns Hopkins fluid mechanics and turbulence expert, working with a colleague in Belgium, has devised a new formula for the best spacing for a large array of turbines.

Turbines used in wind farms for commercial production of electric power are usually three-bladed and pointed into the wind by computer-controlled motors. These have high tip speeds of over 200 mph, high efficiency,tubular steel towers that range from 200 to 300 feet tall. The blades rotate at 10-22 revolutions per minute. The newest wind farms, which can be located on land or offshore.

Currently, turbines on these large wind farms are spaced about seven rotor diameters apart. The new spacing model suggests that placing the wind turbines 15 rotor diameters apart - more than twice as far apart as in the current layouts - results in more cost-efficient power generation. The research is important because large wind farms, with hundreds or even thousands of turbines are planned or already operating in the western United States, Europe and China. Earlier computational models for large wind farm layouts were based on simply adding up what happens in the wakes of single wind turbines and they are underperforming. The new spacing model takes into account interaction of arrays of turbines with the entire atmospheric wind flow.


In an industry first, HP today announced it has developed an engineering breakthrough that enables the use of post-consumer recycled plastics in the production of new Original HP inkjet print cartridges. More than 200 million cartridges have been manufactured using the process thus far. HP used more than 5 million pounds of recycled plastic in its inkjet cartridges last year, and the company is committed to using twice as much in 2008. The company's innovative recycling process facilitates the combination of multiple sources and grades of recycled plastics from everyday water bottles to highly technical HP inkjet cartridges. In addition to closing the design loop, using recycled content saves energy and keeps plastic out of landfills . Since piloting the process, HP has used enough recycled plastic to fill more than 200 tractor trailers.


Google Inc is prepared to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in big commercial alternative-energy projects that traditionally have had trouble getting financing, the executive in charge of its green-energy push said on Wednesday. The Internet search giant, which has said it will invest in researching green technologies and renewable-energy companies, is eager to help promising technologies amass scale to help drive the cost of alternative energy below the cost of coal.




Recirculating Farms Coalition, is officially launching a national campaign to promote growing local, fresh food and create green jobs. Its focus is on eco-friendly farms that use clean, recycled water in place of soil to grow plants (hydroponics), fish (aquaculture), or a combination of both plants and fish (aquaponics). The new collaborative brings together educators, farmers, fishermen, chefs, non-profit organizations and many others who are working to create an accessible, sustainable and healthy food system in the United States.

Marianne Cufone, Executive Director of the Recirculating Farms Coalition, said, The current U.S. unemployment rate is 9.1 percent, and about one in six people are struggling to buy food. Building recirculating farms in diverse communities nationwide can provide fresh, local food and create stable jobs in a sustainable business, two things the U.S. very much needs right now.

Recirculating farms use innovative ways to be space, energy, and water efficient. They can be as small as a desktop for personal use, or large enough for commercial operation. Well-designed farms re-use up to 99% of their water, and recycle waste. They can run without antibiotics, or other drugs and chemicals, and use renewable energy. Recirculating farms can grow fish, vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs and more. Contact: http://www.recirculatingfarms.org/

Celebrate Food Sovereignty! Land Based Earth Day Celebration and Pinole Creek Farm

Oakland, CA - Green hillsides and roaming cows are not the traditional backdrop you would associate with an urban food justice movement, but a new food sovereignty project is working to incorporate just that by connecting internationally and internally displaced farmers living in Oakland to peri-urban public land. The 2007 "Declaration of Nyéléni" declares food sovereignty as "the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations." The Pinole Creek Incubator Farm, located 20 minutes outside of Oakland nestled in the beautiful hills between the city of Pinole and Briones, will be celebrating its Grand Opening with a Land Based Earth Day Celebration Sunday April 21 st from 2-6PM.

Whether you plan to catch the provided shuttle from Orinda BART, or use your own transportation, the drive out to the farm is in itself worth celebrating. The multitude of rolling hills, and story-book painted green is mesmerizing, making you almost forget the urban landscape that lies just a few miles behind. It is here that the partnership between lu-Mien Village Farms, Eritrean Family Farms, PUEBLO, International Rescue Committee, Phat Beets Produce and EBMUD has culminated in a project aimed at improving food sovereignty for locally and internationally displaced communities through collective stewardship of public lands. As Lew Chien, a Mien farmer and organizer of Iu-Mien Village farms highlights: "Before, there were no local farms. I know a lot of people who have small gardens, but not space like this to grow their food. The food only came from outside the community and it is so valuable to produce local, to sell food the community supports and support the community with locally produced food."

Come out and meet the farmers, learn how to support the small farmer incubation program, sign up for the farm CSA (community supported agriculture box), and join us for a land based Earth Day Celebration on Sunday, April 21st. The event will feature a land blessing ceremony in honor of the farm and its history of supporting several generations of farmers, as well as music, planting activities and free food! For more information and to RSVP for the Orinda BART pick-up shuttle service contact pinolefarm@phatbeetsproduce.org or visit www.pinolefarmproject.wordpress.com

Who: Iu-Mien Village Farms, Eritrean Family Farms, PUEBLO, International Rescue Committee, Phat Beets Produce and EBMUD


Join Long Beach Grows is the first local organization advocating for urban agriculture, including backyard urban agriculture, and for a just and equitable food system in Long Beach. Help us build and operate our first community farm co-op, LBGROWS Unity Farm, on the property of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach. Food we grow will be shared among the gardeners & with underprivileged Long Beach residents. Plus other LBGROWS community farm co-op sites are in the works.

We need your help to make this happen. We need plants, seed, soil, lumber, hardware, masonry, hand tools, power tools, a mini-tractor, a greenhouse, a tool shed, trellises, benches, drip irrigation, animal housing, animal feed, etc. In addition, each co-op site will require liability insurance, utilities/water service, & trash collection service. Your support will also assist with our community outreach and advocacy activities.

Long Beach Grows is a member of the
Fair Food Network and the Community Food Security Coalition. The CFSC states that "at a basic level, Community Food Security is about making healthy food accessible to all, including low-income people. It's about making nutritious & culturally appropriate food accessible, not just any food. It is about promoting social justice & more equitable access to resources, & building & revitalizing local communities & economies. It's about supporting local, regional, family-scale, & sustainable farmers & businesses. It's about empowering diverse people to work together to create positive changes in the food system & their communities... and much more."

Let's build unity in our community around the issue of urban agriculture and local food security. Your tax deductible donation (tax ID # 20-4583660) will help us build and operate our first community farm co-op, LBGROWS Unity Farm,
Donations made by the end of the year will ensure your place on our mailing list.

We do hope you enjoy hearing about our efforts to promote green, healthy, sustainable urban agriculture in Long Beach. Together we can safeguard local food security in this way. So
Join HYPERLINK "http://longbeachgrows.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=582f37479ada73be02a805eae&id=95ea4c653f&e=835e27ce60" Long Beach Grows today with your donation and let us know what we can do for you and how you wish to be involved.

Contact :Donna Marykwas, Long Beach Grows

TOTE IT HOME From Long Beach Shops and Busineses

Plastic Bags in large retail stores were banned in Long beach in August 2011. Contrary to some fears, business has not collapsed and in fact, has prospered as shopping options are expanind along with tote bag choices!


Keep a couple of reusable bags in your desk/locker at work, in your car and in your purse so you have one along with you when you are moving around the city and make that convenient stop at a store. Carry a fashion forward bag with you- put your purse in it! Help promote Long Beach buinesses when you pick up the "I Got It Here", cool blue tote bags being given out now by local businesses! Some shops have their own, custom totes you can collect. Support Long Beach as you buy locally and help globally by doing away with plastic bags. Tot-carrying shoulder bags help your back and hands, too. Bye-bye carpal tunnel!


Hold That Tiger- Then Let Him Go!

A wild tiger fitted with satellite-collar was successfully translocated from Nepal's Chitwan National Park to Bardia National Park for the first time, according to World Wildlife Fund. The translocation was led by the Government of Nepal with support from World Wildlife Fund Nepal (WWF-Nepal) and the National Trust for Nature Conservation during the last days of the Year of the Tiger. It will further Nepal's goal of doubling wild tiger numbers by 2022, the next time the Chinese calendar celebrates the endangered species.

"This translocation the first of its kind in Nepal is a concrete example of our commitment to saving wild tigers using the best science available, including the application of cutting-edge technologies," said Minister of Forest and Soil Conservation of Nepal, Deepak Bohara.

The collared tiger was an injured male rescued by park authorities from Chitwan National Park after it wandered into a hotel in the tourist town of Sauraha outside the park last September and was relocated to the Babai valley, an ideal location for the translocation because of its vast size and available prey species, improved anti-poaching efforts, lower human-tiger conflict and good connectivity with other protected areas through the Terai Arc Landscape all the way to India's Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary.

The satellite collar, which accurately reports the tiger's location every 30 minutes, will help scientists gain a better understanding of tiger behavior, improve conservation interventions like anti-poaching operations and monitor the tiger adapting to its new environment.


Organizing For Action!

Get organized For Action- President Obamas Program to Mobilize US for Change. What Do You Want? What Will You Do? Who Will Get Inolved? Read On!

Every city or region will have its own OFA chapter, and you'll decide the issues your community cares about most, the work you want to do to make progress on them, and the kind of support you'll need to get it done.

At a neighborhood and regional level, OFA members will grow their local chapters, bringing in new leaders and helping train a new generation of volunteers and organizers to help fight for the issues at stake.

There'll be times when we pull together at the national level to get President Obama's back on passing major legislation, like reducing gun violence or immigration reform. And we'll all work to help transform Washington from the outside while strengthening our economy and creating jobs.

But for the most part, the direction our work takes will be completely in your hands -- with the support of this organization behind you every step of the way.

In the next few weeks and months, I'll be asking for your input on putting together an OFA plan for 2013, we'll be holding online briefings about the issues we want to tackle, and we'll start organizing on those issues as they're debated in D.C.

But for right now, I just want to say thanks and welcome. There's a lot to be done, without a doubt -- and I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of OFA with you.

Take a look at the video the First Lady recorded and go ahead -- say you're in:


Help Stop Militarism In Our Schools
The Army Recruiting Handbook for High Schools (available on the No Draft, No Way <http://www.nodraftnoway.org> website) says that the Army's goal is "school ownership." Our goal is to deny them that ownership. The schools belong to the people, not to the Pentagon.
Join the national movement against military recruiting. No Draft No Way is calling on parents, students, and local activists to work with your PTA, union, school board, city council, or student government to pass a resolution barring recruiters from your local schools. We are currently compiling a list of all such local initiatives -- if you are organizing a local initiative, you can list it here
http://nodraftnoway.org/organizer.shtml>. Or contact
http://nodraftnoway.org/ndnwcomments.shtml > for information and help to organize a local campaign.
Please join us in this national campaign by helping to organize, do outreach, distribute educational materials, and donate to help with all aspects of organizing, especially the immediate publication of this book, which will be an invaluable resource for young people all over the country who want to oppose the very real dangers of militarization and war.
*Donate <http://nodraftnoway.org/donate-new.shtml> to help build a
national movement against military recruiting and the draft.
Organize <http://nodraftnoway.org/organizer.shtml> a local No Draft No
Way chapter.
Sign up <http://nodraftnoway.org/signup.shtml> for Updates.
Millions of East Africans Need Food and Water - Donate Now
East Africa is facing one of the worst droughts in memory. Yet the international response has fallen short of what is
desperately needed by the affected regions in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania, where the lives and livelihoods of millions of people are threatened. Help Oxfam step up its relief efforts in East Africa - click here to make a secure online donation now.
Oxfam is already responding by delivering water, food, and other vital supplies to more than 500,000 people, but millions more need help. With your financial support, Oxfam can scale up its response to save many more lives in the region. This is a food crisis that cannot be ignored - please donate today.