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Here at Earth Neighborhood, we are excited about the four environmental fiction books in The Game Series. Written by Karen LaMantia, the stories include "The Game - The Gods Played Here," "Mobile Tales - Short Stories for Positive Change," "The Gospels According to Reverend Ike," "and Different Minds - A Celebration of the End of Our Species." A novella entitled "Last Earth Boy" is also included in the fourth book. Read more about them below:

"The Game - The Gods Played here"

Find out how one earth is cleaned up one neighborhood at a time by reading "The Game - The Gods Played Here." This interesting eco-fiction will keep you entertained. Available to download online for free. Enjoy!

"Mobile Tales - Short Stories for Positive Change"

This collection of short stories tells what happens before, during, and after the Message starts the Game that gets the world playing Planet Cleanup, having fun, and creating a just and sustainable world. The author, Karen LaMantia is available for book signings and Zoom discussions of any of her works, with your reading group, at your bookstore events or with your book study group or organization meetings. Contact her through "Contact Us" on this web site to schedule her time.

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"The Gospels According to Reverend Ike"

Trapped in an insane asylum, Reverend Ike begins to listen to the wisdom of those around him--those who see the world for what it can be. He writes down their tales based on the workings of the natural world and tells the Gospels to the world over the internet. Spread from there, they are quoted in a million ways. From wedding vows and Las Vegas cocktail napkins to graffiti and an inaugural address, shared by pirates and popes, the Gospels show up when least expected and most needed to guide us in the evolution of our Species.

To order the eBook online, visit the bookstore and search for publications by Author Karen LaMantia. You can also go to her order page.

"Different Minds - A Celebration of the End of Our Species"

We are living in harmony. World peace is declared, and WWW3 (the War of Construction) has been won by all. Humankind must move on to Union. Discover how we find our new human home with the help of "Different Minds - A Celebration of the End of Our Species." Say goodbye to the Tiger Planet; the place we now call Earth.

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The novella, "Last Earth Boy," tells the tale of who goes and how we get there. To order the best environmental books in paperback or eBook format, visit Xlibris.

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