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"Atlantis Risen"

Currently in production, "Atlantis Risen" tells the story of a visitor from the past who helps us remake our future, not through advanced technology but through peace, listening to the wisdom of our world, and by sharing the wealth of our planet with all people.  In a few short days, Atlantis works with human helpers to change the directions of our wars, begin a new economic future and regain control of the truths that set us free.

Meet the Atlantis Risen Characters

Atlantis  is an Atlantian Scientist who spends her last moments watching the fall of her city as the Great Disruption destroys her world.  While other Atlantians escape, she knows she must help humans learn from their mistakes and uses her skills to prepare the tools they will need to change, should they make the same mistakes Atlantis made.     

Eon is a scientist studying at the South Pole, taking samples of the rocks long hidden under the melting glacier.  As global warming melts  tons of glacial ice, he finds and opens the hillside laboratory and finds the crystal vessels Atlantis left behind.

Grace may look like the cook at the Antarctic Science Station but she knows right action and when to take it. She tells Eon not to give up and makes one last trip with him to his hillside dig. They discover the artifacts left behind by Atlantis and return to the city with them, in her safekeeping.

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The Stone Muse

Atlantis is rising now, guided by the Earth and those who listen to it. One of those people is The Stone Muse. You can learn more about the stone and crystal that brought us the story "Atlantis Risen" by visiting The Stone Muse.

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What's the story with Atlantis? Why did she give her life to help others in the future? Who on our planet can help us most now? Be part of the story, and share your thoughts and ideas about environmental movies and TV series and sustainable urban living on the Earth Neighborhood Fans Facebook page. Return to this page for more details about the story and to read the stories in the stones from The Stone Muse.